A software suite for broadcasters

An open source project managed for television stations
by televisions of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (Belgium)..

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The project

Started in June 2018 at Liège television station "RTC Télé Liège",
basique is an open source project
aiming at the self-sufficiency of broadcasters in their content management.

The development of this project is supported by Antenne Centre, Boukè, Canal Zoom, MaTélé, Télé MB, TéléSambre, TV Com, TV Lux et Vedia. 9 other TV stations of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (Belgium).

Technologies used :
Back-End in Python 3, Front-End in Laravel, DB on MariaDB
Media asset analysis with MediaInfo and FFmpeg,
Responsive Front-End with bootstrap and VueJS, WYSIWYG text editor summernote,
Frame seeking with VideoFrame

Currently, the interface is only in French,
we envisage the implementation of a multi-lingual version.

The team on this project includes Olivier Greoli (requirements analysis, conceptualization, back-end development), Jérôme Guiot (front-end developement, db) and the Technical Managers of the other TV stations.

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Media Assets Management (MAM)

Manage all your digital assets centrally from both a computer and a smartphone.


Your newsroom has a collaborative tool for managing rundowns.

Integration with your website

A single tool for your journalists to feed both the MAM and the website (JSON:API with drupal).

Planning & Scheduling

Plan your TV schedule, publish it to the EPG editors and control the broadcasting (control of Softron OnTheAir Video).


We should release on github.com a "community edition" by June 2022.

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